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      Zionism and Zionists

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This is book called Zionism and Zionists
Author : Habibollah Monaghi
Subject : Zionism and its history, Zionism¹s influence on dictatorship regimes
Marxism, Capitalism and Imperialism In Connection with Zionism,
Having hand of zionists in Religious wars, Introducing of Zionist elements 
 look to hunderd books on World Zionist's Crime Acts!
Kidnapping, Assassination, Getting Blackmail, sabotageing, Forced bankruptcy of corporations, world Zionist's Media and etc...
Here is TABLE OF CONTENTS of Book 

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All Jews are not Zionist But All Zionists are Jewish !
The real Axis of Evil are war criminal  USA ,UK  regimes and state Terrorist of Israel ! 


Zionism's Protocol  or Zionism ideology 

Zionism's Protocol or Zionism ideology is the most criminal ,terrorist conspirator ,fascists and anti- human that history of man has ever seen it !

These are   most poison Zionist Jews, Hidden Jews and Zionist Jews puppet guys in North America media

Sarkozy and his Jewishness

Bloody Hands of zionist Jews Under cover of Criminal, Terrorist spy agency of CIA over 300.000 assassinations of University, peoples,  writers, political leaders ,religious leaders and others... around world .
some of these criminal gangs who have been co-operating with
CIA are Daniel Pipes ,Joules fulishman and others Jews .     

     The Lebanon war 2006
The Lebanon war, the long-standing policies and actions of the Jewish terrorist state of Israel for her security and continue her criminal occupation of Arabic lands.

Canadian Regime +11 Zionist Puppet Regimes gave vote to their Jewish Terrorist state of Israel , Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom and USA regime was absent !

Who was behind the "Danish" cartoons?Zionist Jewish Virus Daniel Pipes and in Canada Zionist Jewish anarchist and conspirator Ezra Levant!

September 11 and War Criminal Israeli Zionist's regime Spies

Regimes which Have Been Supporting to UN(United Nations) Resolutions in favor  of state Terrorist of Israel and  against Palestine since 1947 To 2006 

Supporting Zionists and Christian-Front Traitors Media of war criminal and Zionist’s Terrorist, former Prime Minister of war criminal Israeli regime 
Canadian Broadcasting Cooperation (CBC), Can West Global Communication (Including 124 Newspapers, Magazines, Radio ,TV Stations) Toronto Star , Report Magazine, Global and Mail , Corus RadioNetwork from Corus Entertainment Inc 
 (Including Hundred  and Hundred Radio Stations & TV Stations like 630 Ched,CKNW) and etc..  In Fact More than 90% of Canadian Media supported Zionist’s Murder BENJAMIN

 Canadian Author of “ DID SIX MILLION REALLY DIE? . Mr.Ernst Zundel ,Twenty years of Forty years of his life bombed by ZIONIST"s Criminal and terrorist groups in Canada!
Australia and Canada Regimes Join U.S. and Puppet Reefs in Backing Israel-centric Agenda

Here is Canadian  regime  and relations with war criminal Israeli regime and Zionism!

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